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Buttercream Cakes

Looking for cakes with intricate designs? Then buttercream cakes are the the best choice.

Why we love Buttercream

  • Can create cakes with a wide range of colors; from the most soft and subtle to bold and popping.

  • Can handle the most decorations on both the top and side of the cake.

  • Stable in warmer weather. Lucky we live Hawaii ^^

Our buttercream is different

The frosting we use is a Swiss meringue buttercream. This frosting has a much lower sugar/butter content than a typical American buttercream. This frosting is silky, smooth, fluffy and less sweet.

Best eaten at room temperature

It's science. Butter is hard when chilled, so make sure you give a buttercream cake enough time to come to room temp or slightly chilled before digging in!

Buttercream cake gallery↓

Cake Designs

Just tell us what you want, we are up for the challenge! If you have a very specific design, a set theme or you just have an abstract color scheme in mind, let's chat so we can work together to get you your perfect piece. At S&T, we will never compromise or settle. We like to go that extra mile to make your cake perfect. 

Our typical cake sizes are below, but nothing here is set in stone. We can chat if you want something different.


Size matters. In cakes, that is.
Starting prices are for basic, one tone buttercream frosted cakes.

4 inch - $55 and up

  • Our small cutie. 

  • Serves up to 3 people. 

  • 4 inch x 5 inch

  • Perfect size for a baby's smash cake. 

6 inch - $75 and up

  • Our most popular size.

  • 6 inch x 5 inch

  • Serves between 10 - 12 people.​

8 inch - $90 and up

  • Our biggest cake.

  • Serves between 15 - 17 people.

  • 8 inch x 5 inch


Cake Layers

  • Vanilla - Velvety and fluffy

  • Chocolate - Rich in flavor, and we said it, MOIST

  • Red Velvet 

  • Funfetti

  • Carrot Cake +$5 - Flavorful will coconut flakes and 4 spices

  • Colored vanilla +$5 - Our vanilla layers transformed into whatever 

    color you choose

  • Rainbow +$10 - 6 layers of bright or pastel rainbow colors

Add Ons

This is where it starts to get fun...
Here's our typical add ons. Let us know if you need something else.

Filling +$15

  • Matcha buttercream

  • Strawberry buttercream

  • Chocolate buttercream

  • Mixed berry compote

  • Salted caramel

  • Whipped cream cheese

Make it extra

  • Marble Buttercream - +$20

  • Buttercream Stenciling - +$15 and up

  • Sprinkle Bomb (whole 8oz bottle of sprinkles in the center of the cake that will gush out as you cut the cake open  +$25

  • Drip Ganache +$15

  • Fondant Figures and letters +$"Based on design"

  • Buttercream flowers +$25 and up

  • Fresh Flowers +$20 and up

  • Custom Fondant Name +$10

  • Custom Fondant Number +$8

  • Paper Topper +$10

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