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Cupcake Decorating July 9, 2023 (Sun)




12:00pm - 3:00pm


About the Class

For this class, we will work together to decorate floral themed cupcakes with our signature buttercream.

We will use diffferent piping techniques to create your own floral themed cupcakes. Whether you're a begginner or baking enthusiast, the class will be a perfect time to bring your creative side to the table.

Date: 7/9/23 (Sun)

Time: 12:00pn - 3:00pm

Includes: Six upcakes to decorate and take home.

Our signature buttercream is silky and has a much less sugar and butter content than any other buttercreams. The buttercream is also very stable and perfect for creating details buttercream decoration in the warm Hawaii weather.

Join us! Look forward to seeing you !

Your Instructor

Kana Fujimoto

Kana Fujimoto

Hi, I'm Kana, owner of Sprinkle&Things. I specialize in baked goods that focus on aesthetics and attention to detail. Our mission at Sprinkle&Things is to create one of a kind pieces that people will remember.

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